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Ipari termékek
Karcher HD 5/15 C Plus high pressure washer 150 bar
Code: 1.520-930.0
Net: 900,10 EUR
Gross: 1.143,12 EUR
Ipari termékek
Kaercher – Nedves/száraz porszívó NT 20/1 AP
Code: 1.378-500.0
Net: 243,38 EUR
Gross: 309,09 EUR
Ipari termékek
Karcher HDS 5/15U high pressure washer 150BAR
Code: 1.064-912.0
Net: 1.591,71 EUR
Gross: 2.021,47 EUR
Ipari termékek
Karcher PUZZI 8/1 C rug- and carpet washer
Code: 1.100-225.0
Net: 453,30 EUR
Gross: 575,69 EUR
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